Facial Hair Transplant: Getting Rid of Facial Hair

It is actually possible to get rid of facial hair with a facial hair transplant. There are ways that you can get a full head of hair removed without damaging your face. The procedure is simple and involves a small incision in the skin that has the most hair on it.

There are two types of hair transplant; the subtotal and the submucous. A subtotal hair transplant is for areas of your face that have no hair growth. The point of the subtotal hair transplant is to cover the hair loss, which is caused by a hereditary problem that will prevent the hair from growing normally.

The submucous facial hair transplant is made on the chin. For this surgery, a skin graft is taken from another part of the body. Since there is already some hair growth on the chin, the surgeon will use the skin from an area of the chin just below the chin. If there is too much hair, the chin will look unnatural.

Your doctor will explain all of the risks associated with this surgery. The surgeon may tell you that he or she cannot guarantee the success of the surgery. This is true, as nothing is 100% guaranteed, but it is always important to understand the risks and make an informed decision on whether or not you wish to go through with the procedure.

Facial hair transplant is not cheap. Costs range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on how extensive the hair removal is. Some of the costs may be covered by insurance, so check with your insurance company before the procedure.

Make sure that you understand the costs involved before the procedure takes place, as some areas of the face have a high cost. In some cases, the prices of hair transplants will vary depending on where you live. It is very important to do research on the different areas of the face to determine what the costs are, and then to work with your physician on the specific areas that need to be treated.

Certain procedures may not be covered by insurance. You may also be required to pay some costs up front. For instance, if you live in Florida, you will be expected to pay for a procedure in Boston, Massachusetts.

There are many options available for a hair transplant. You should speak with your cosmetic surgeon about what options you have before the procedure. Once you have discussed the options with your doctor, you can make an informed decision on the right kind of hair removal for you.

You should find out as much as you can about the surgeon you are considering. Find out what is covered in the price of the procedure, how long the hair restoration process will take, and if the doctor is board certified. Speak with your doctor and make sure that you fully understand the procedure before you agree to the price of the hair transplant.

You should also ask your doctor questions about the hair transplant. Don’t sign a contract before fully understanding everything about the procedure. You can talk to your doctor about the options available, what to expect from your facial hair transplant, and what risks or complications may arise from the surgery.

It is your face, and you should look good in it. Discuss your choices with your doctor, and keep in mind the feelings of the people around you. Know that you are going to have a new and improved appearance after the surgery.

Ask your surgeon about any special options you have for hair restoration. Depending on the type of surgery that is done, you may be able to choose a different hair restoration procedure, such as micrografting. The bottom line is that your surgeon is your best source for information and to discuss your options.

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