All the Best Clogs That We’ve Ever Written About (2024)

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By Liza Corsillo, Sanibel Chai, and Anna Yeo

All the Best Clogs That We’ve Ever Written About (1)

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photos: Retailers

We’re kind of known for finding comfy, kind of ugly, kind of stylish shoes —and none fit that bill more than clogs. They function like a slipper (comfortable and easy to get into), but with elevated style (and height) — and soles sturdy enough to wear for hours. Doctors and nurses rely on them for long shifts, as do chefs and anyone else who stands at work all day. They look cool, giving off equal parts art teacher, with-it parent, and fashionable ceramicist. We’ve written a lot about clogs over the last few years — from the stylish ones worn by famous people to the hippie-ish ones preferred by men. So to help you decide which clogs are right for you, we gathered up a list of our favorites from the archive.

Best clogs under $100

Former Strategist senior editor Anthony Rotunno bought these OOFOS OOcloogs in preparation for a trip with a lot of walking. Initially, Rotunno says, the soles’ thick cushioning “felt somewhat uncomfortable but in a good way that made me wonder just how not ergonomically designed my other shoes might be.” After the initial wearing-in period, he says “they feel great — stable, supportive, and so easy to wear (especially for travel).” Veteran journalist and Strategist “Auntie Approved” columnist SuChin Pak also found the recovery-focused foam footbeds “a little wobbly” when she tried the slide version since they alleviate joint pain by forcing you to put pressure on different points of your foot. But after getting used to the feeling, Pak confirms that “it’s like walking on two duvets, and this is the duvet of slides.”

From $94

Most people winterize their clogs by adding a pair of thick wool socks, but designer Sandy Liang prefers these fleece-lined clogs to keep her feet warm in cold weather. Plus, Liang says “the shoes’ Beluga whale-shaped area around the toes is strangely flattering on my wide, flat feet, which also appreciate their slight heel. It’s added support that keeps my feet happy, even if I’m standing on a shoot all day.” She loves them so much she has them in two colors: black and stone. The Q2 style Liang recommends is no longer available, but apart from slight differences in stitching and logo, the updated Ice 4 is very similar.

Sweetbitter author Stephanie Danler tipped us off to Swedish brand Troentorp. She in turn was tipped off to them by Jody Williams, a James Beard award winner and the chef behind Buvette and Via Carota in the West Village. The brand makes basic clogs like these as well as a handful of more decorative styles with cutouts, laces, and braiding. They’re a favorite of the editors of our Secret Strategist newsletter, too — which, incidentally, you should subscribe to!

Strategist editor Maxine Builder found out about these less expensive Swedish clogs from a friend she assumed was wearing Swedish Hasbeens (see below). In terms of style, Lotta from Stockholm clogs are nearly identical to Swedish Hasbeens, but at half the price, so you can rest easy if they get a little beat up or it rains while you’re wearing them. They come in tons of colors and styles including some very eye-catching metallics.

Inour search for the best slides, Drew Romero, a floor manager at Dover Street Market New York, recommends these rubber Sloggers as a less expensive alternative to Chillbies (see below). Easy to slip on with a heavy-duty lug outsole, the Sloggers are waterproof, scratch resistant, and “great for the indoors or gardening,” Romero says. Whereas the Chillbies are offered only in black and brown, the Sloggers come in eight colors.

Writer and clog enthusiast Erika Veurink wrote an impassioned ode to these UGG clogs. She’d been ambiently thinking the UGG Tasman X after seeing them on an Upper West Side mom on TikTok, but it was after noticing her server at Fort Greene restaurant Margot wearing a pair that she ordered them for herself. Her verdict: They’re amazing. As she wrote, “My favorite part of these clogs, other than the washable inserts, is the subtle cut below the ankle. I’ve worn them on after-work walks and to Friday night movies with friends. I keep waiting for a pain point, but instead, these clogs have taken up permanent residence next to my front door.”

In the past few years, the Plasticana jelly clogs have replaced the No. 6 as the clog of choice among a certain subset of fashionable ladies. Brooklyn Heights shop Salter House and its owner Sandeep Salter are to thank. As Chantal Tattoli wrote, Sandeep and her husband Carson were responsible for bringing this French brand to the States and were long the U.S.’s sole retailers. Emily Bode sent her models down the runway in a pair in 2020, and the rest is history. Features editor Katy Schneider, who loves her Plasticanas, wrote, “They remind me of something my mother would have worn gardening in the ’90s, and they’re just really pretty and unusual and perfect.” (Note: They don’t run true to size; you might need to go down one or two from your usual.)

A Croc is a classic for a reason!

From $44

A Croc cousin, if you will. As we’ve written, “Fans include art adviserRyan Simons, along with a couple Strategist editors, andChris Black, who calls them a ‘shoe-sandal hybrid.’”

Best clogs under $200

Dansko clogs are so popular with medical professionals and restaurant workers they’re part of the uniform. But they’re also popular with non-doctors too. At least four Strategist staffers own these matte black Dansko clogs. Strategist writer Lauren Ro got her pair when she was eight months pregnant and desperate for comfortable shoes. In addition to liking the way they look, Ro says that in her Danskos she doesn’t miss the custom orthotics she wears for bunions. “When I got them, they became the only shoes I wore for a really long time. They’re easy to slip on and off and don’t require bending over or stooping down. I also really appreciate the lift they provide, which actually makes them more comfortable for walking in,” she says. It should be noted that Strategist editor Maxine Builder has them in a lovely shade of honey brown.

Like Danskos, Calzuro clogs are loved by people who work on their feet for long periods of time. The Italian brand has a cult following that includes surgeons, nurses, artists, and cheesemakers. But a few years ago, we began noticing them on people like a woman going into her Pilates class in Bed-Stuy and a waiter at Achilles Heel in Greenpoint. They’re made of super-durable plastic that can be sterilized in an autoclave or thrown in a dishwasher and each pair has a series of tiny massaging nubs on the inner sole. Because they’re waterproof, Calzuros are also great for gardening, and you can choose to get yours with or without ventilation holes.

Strategist contributor Kate Branch recommends this Calzuro model that features ventilation holes on the upper. She brought her pair to Montenegro, where the rubber soles and slight heel made for an enjoyable stroll on the rocky beaches along the Adriatic Sea and kept her feet “comfortable while wading in the water.”

“They last forever,” says chef and farmer Pheobe Cole-Smith of the wool Haflingers she first bought back in the early ‘80s at Barneys New York. These wool clogs have a cushy cork sole and rubber bottom so they’re great for wearing as house shoes but won’t fall apart if you wear them outside. “I asked for them for Christmas to wear as slippers, then wore them pretty much everywhere I went,” she says.

Of the many Swedish clog brands, Swedish Hasbeens is probably the most well-known among American clog enthusiasts. They have the same cool ‘70s appeal as No.6 and are priced about the same too. Strategist editor Maxine Builder says she bought a pair to wear with wide-leg pants and jumpsuits. “They have not disappointed on the style front,” she says but cautions that they are finicky and not meant to wear in the rain or on wet grass.

Before Birkenstock Bostons were dubbed “the official cool-girl shoe of fall” by cool girls on TikTok, they were mostly seen on menswear enthusiasts, as gorpcore and nouveau Deadhead trends prioritized comfort and casual, chunky silhouettes. Of all the clogs available to men, including Crocs and their high-fashion doppelgängers, these Birkenstocks (which you may recognize from their mid-’90s heyday) are by far the most popular. And they were mentioned most by the stylish men we polled too.

While Chris Black also gives his stamp of approval to the suede Birkenstocks above, he insists this leather pair is just as much a must-have. He says the “black natural leather is an ideal footwear choice,” opting to wear them for school pickup, while running errands, and through TSA security for convenience.

If you spend hours on your feet, Strategist senior writer Liza Corsillo recommends Birkenstock Tokio Super Grips for their extra-grippy rubber outsole, adjustable ankle strap, and cushy EVA midsole. The professional-grade shoes are designed for people who spend hours on their feet and are worn by doctors and service-industry folks (including both Carmy and Sydney on The Bear). Corsillo prefers them as an elevated alternative to the popular Bostons if you’re looking for “a sleeker, less expected shoe and therefore a less basic, more statusy choice.”

Romero, the Dover Street Market employee we mention above, loves these industrial Hathenbruck Chillbies for their durability and comfort. The rubber galosh “definitely appeals to my utilitarian fetish,” says James Bailey, a creative director who has worked with clients such as Rihanna and the Weeknd. At once rugged and sleek, the aesthetic aligns with Bailey’s love of “anything that looks like it’s an offcut on the factory floor or that will only get better as it’s beaten up.”

Best clogs over $200

It’s the brand worn by Claire Danes, Julianne Moore, Michelle Williams, and Maya Rudolph, who wore several pairs in her Amazon show Forever. Although No.6 clogs are no longer quite as trendy as they once were, they’re not passé either. They’re not cheap, but they do last a long time. Plus, once a year No.6 hosts a sample sale with lots of deep discounts.


“The danger of working at the Strategist is that all my colleagues have incredible taste and it’s their job to find the best and nicest-looking things around,” Corsillo says. “That’s how I ended up buying these Beklina buckle clogs at 3 p.m. on a Thursday.” She ordered them in off-white for her wedding, and since then, she says she has found the low wooden platforms suitable both for everyday and for special occasions like her baby shower. “They keep getting more comfortable, and surprisingly they are still clean,” she says. Corsillo also loves how the leather-wrapped buckles dress up pants while the block heel keeps the shoe functional. “They’re sturdy-feeling, so I wouldn’t be nervous to wear them to a picnic or while holding my baby,” she says.

Photo: Charlotte Stone

As comedian Bridget Everett told us, “It’s hard to find cute shoes when you have big-girl feet.” She loves these size-inclusive Charlotte Stone clogs—so much so in fact that she owns 12 pairs. “When you find something in your size and a nice color, I do like my mom and I buy multiples.”

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All the Best Clogs That We’ve Ever Written About
All the Best Clogs That We’ve Ever Written About (2024)
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