Spicy Sheet-Pan Chicken With Sweet Potatoes and Kale Recipe (2024)



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If you put kale in the oven at 450 for 30 minutes, you'll turn the pan to a pile of char and smoke. Turn this down to 425, cook the chicken alone for 15, then add the veggies and cook another 20.Also, Step 3 refers to sweet potatoes as "squash."


This was very good and easy. Agree, add kale at the end or do separately. I added a parsnip, which was great. This is a very versatile recipe and wow love the dressing at the end. So good!

susan soroka

Excellent recipe! Followed as written. Removed chicken thighs after 30 minutes and placed in a cast iron skillet for an additional 7 minutes in the oven. Placed vegetables on top of stove and covered with baking sheet to stay warm. Definitely will make again!


Seconding others, kale separately. Did it as written otherwise, chicken with sweet potatoes and onions at 450 for 20 minutes, then added the kale (also dressed w/ olive oil and seasoning). It only needed 13 min at 450! So, so good. Highly recommend, used the full lime for the dressing. Big hit.


Doubled the marinade and marinated for ~8hrs; cooked chicken on its own sheet pan for 15 minutes (bottom rack); after that, cooked sweet potatoes (x4) for about 5 minutes, then added kale to sweet potatoes and cooked for another 10-15 minutes until veggies were done (sweet potatoes tender and kale crispy); took chicken out around 30 minute mark, but broiled for a couple minutes at end to lightly crisp the skin; used cilantro, instead of parsley, for herb oil. Very flavorful and will make again!

E.K. Perrow

Some recipes in the NYT Food section have room for substitution. I made substitutions based on what was in the pantry. I substituted zero fat plain Greek yogurt in combination with full fat vanilla Greek yogurt in the marinade, Substituted broccoli for kale. Both were fine. My point, don't be afraid to use what you have you may be pleasantly surprised. Yes I will make this sheet pan dinner again, maybe with all the ingredients in the recipe!


This was so great. I’m a novice cook and even i could make it. Exceptional. Didn’t modify anything. Did use the broiler for the chicken at the end.


Used chicken breast chunks on one sheet and sweet potato and onion on the other. Roasted at 400 F for 15 minutes, then added kale for another 10 minutes. It was SO GOOD.


I added the kale after the first 15 minutes, so other vegetables and chicken cooked for 40 minutes, and it worked perfectly. Some of the kale was crispy, and there was no need to run the chicken under the broiler. What a nice dinner!


Made the recipe exactly like it said and it was delicious!

Sara Grace

The chicken was just ok, but the veg drizzled with the lime cilantro oil? WOW.


We really liked this. I didn't have thighs, so I used boneless breasts and cut them in large strips. Didn't have kale, so I coated spinich in the oil/cumin mixture and added after 15 minutes. Total cooking time 20 minutes. Next time, I'll marinade the chicken for 24 hours, just to get the full effect. Totally easy and tasty recipe, perfect for a winter night.

really good

I used mushrooms and cauliflower instead of kale or brocollin- came out great!!! Used sriracha instead of arissa.


Add broccoli or brussels and celery and carrots

jessica bird

Love this dish. The first time I made it with skin on bone in thighs, but the marinade flavor wasn’t there. So the second time I made it with boneless skinless thighs and I was pleased they didn’t dry out. I also halved the cumin. I love the herb oil but my partner didn’t like it so try before dousing the whole plate!

Laurie W

Excellent. We have now made it 3 times.

dr. u

This was very good - but I would definitely not call it “spicy.” I did mistakenly buy vanilla Greek yogurt (ugh) instead of plain but just subbed lemon juice and a bit of neutral oil for the harissa marinade which worked. My chicken and most veg took about 35-40 minutes. The sweet potatoes got soft way before all the kale crisped. I do like my red onions a bit more caramelized than they got, so would perhaps throw those on earlier and then add the sweet potatoes at about the halfway mark.


I always kick myself for not checking the comments first. Definitely ruined most of the kale. Chicken however was delicious!


This dressing is just too tart for my liking. I added 1 tsp brown sugar, which smoothed out the tartness.

Maud Brown

Didn’t like it. Kale burnt and lacked flavor. Way better other sheet pan chicken recipes from NYt food. Disappointed.


@Maud: I made mine without kale (because forgot to buy kale) and didn't miss it. I tripled the harissa paste and that gave it a nice level of spice. I wouldn't give up on this one yet!

Cindy Pawlcyn

I had beets, beet greens and used them it as really red but delicious. I had par roasted the beets peeled and sliced them thin added after 15 minutes. Blood orange segments in the beets just before serving as well.


This dish is really delicious. I did not have any harissa, so substituted Gochujang, which worked deliciously. After reading others’ comments, i waited to add the kale to the pan until about halfway through. My SO even complimented the dish again this morning. Definitely a keeper.


So, so good. Don’t normally leave comments, but I had to go against the grain of the other notes and say I think it’d be a mistake to not follow the recipe as followed, as others are suggesting. Don’t add the kale in last- cook the kale the whole time. If you coat it in the oil as specified, it gets delightfully crispy and charred in places and was literally the highlight of the dish. Also, I would definitely recommend cilantro rather than parsley here!

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Spicy Sheet-Pan Chicken With Sweet Potatoes and Kale Recipe (2024)
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