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  • Subject, Views, Written By, Posted. New Black Country Communion single - "Enlighten", 89, Rainbow Demon, 05/04/2024 09:28AM.

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  • 2246 ; Re: melodic rock albums in development hell, 191, JAMMIN, 07/27/2008 04:03PM ; Re: melodic rock albums in development hell, 157, Nick, 07/27/2008 04:21PM.

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  • Subject, Views, Written By, Posted. Great live clip of Yngwie at his peak? 3, rickyboy999, 04/29/2024 07:08AM. Andrew: Quick note about the Chris antblad CD ...

4. Re: Melodic Rock Noticeboard - not secure?

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  • Apr 1, 2011 · Saw an interview with Tommy and John 5 and John said that this new single was just the band playing in the studio. It was like the 2nd or 3rd ...

  • If you click on the link it says: "Sad sad day.... Noticeboard 1999 - 2011 R.I.P." Nothing on the news page about it though.


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  • Re: Audio interviews, Andrew? 116, bas, 05/08/2008 09:30AM. Labels need to help themselves, 134, Snake65, 05/07 ...

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  • 2325 ; Re: Top Ten Reasons Men Are Better Than Women, 93, Britny, 04/10/2008 04:40PM ; Firefest Tickets, 145, crued_girl, 04/08/2008 10:48AM.

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  • RE: GREAT MELODIC ROCK is cooking up in SPAIN !! 189, RAMMY, 12/27/2000 02:50AM. Brand new ELO studio album in April 2001!

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  • Subject, Views, Written By, Posted. Shame About Burning Rain.... 122, Goddess, 03/22/2002 11:26PM. Re: Shame About Burning Rain.

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  • Melodic Labels: Frontiers Records · Escape Music · Avenue Of Allies · Rock Candy · Perris Records · MelodicRockRecords. Quick Links: The Noticeboard · Artist & ...

  • Everything Melodic and Everything Rock N Roll!

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  • Former Judas Priest Drummer Arrested!! 332, Fandango, 01/29/2003 07:44PM. Re: Judas Priest Drummer Arrested!! 135, JJ, 01/ ...

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  • 3758 ; Re: AOR band recommendations?URIAH HEEP! 200, KAOS FAN, 01/27/2001 03:19PM ; Re: Morales & Heartland? 208, Eric Abrahamsen, 01/27/2001 11:07PM.

Melodic Rock Noticeboard (2024)


What is the meaning of melodic rock? ›

Arena rock (also known as AOR, melodic rock, pomp rock, stadium rock, corporate rock or dad rock) is a style of rock music that became mainstream in the 1970s. It typically involves radio-friendly rock music that was designed to be played for large audiences.

What is an example of melodic? ›

Anything sweet sounding — a bird's trill, a poet's voice, or the tune you sing in the shower — is melodic. A more technical meaning of the word is "containing melody," the definition a professional musician might use.

What makes a song melodic? ›

The melody of a song is the foreground to the backing elements and is a combination of pitch and rhythm. Sequences of notes that comprise melody are musically satisfying and are often the most memorable part of a song. Melody is a linear sequence of notes the listener hears as a single entity.

What is melody in rock? ›

A melody is a collection of musical tones that are grouped together as a single entity. Most compositions consist of multiple melodies working in conjunction with one another. In a rock band, the vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, and bassist are all playing melodies on their respective instruments.

What is the meaning of with melodic? ›

relating to a tune, or having a pleasant tune: a melodic theme.

What does so melodic mean? ›

adjective. of or relating to melody. of or relating to a part in a piece of music. tuneful or melodious.

What is the meaning of melody in music? ›

melody, in music, the aesthetic product of a given succession of pitches in musical time, implying rhythmically ordered movement from pitch to pitch. Melody in Western music by the late 19th century was considered to be the surface of a group of harmonies.

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