Different Types of Christmas Cakes from Around the World (2024)

Are you looking for Christmas cakes to celebrate the holidays with your family? Or are you looking for Christmas-themed cake inspiration to sell at your business? On this article, we give you 8 Christmas cake ideas that are perfect for you.

7 Types of Christmas Cakes from Around the World

As a holiday celebrated all over the world, every country has its own way of celebrating Christmas, followed by its unique traditional Christmas cake. Of course, you can choose your favorite cake according to your taste and budget.

Here are 7 different types of Christmas cakes from around the world that can inspire you this holiday.

1. Panettone, Italy

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Originating from Milan, Italy, this cake has become one of the most popular Christmas cakes around Europe and in many parts of the world. The panettone is a dome-shaped spongecake with a sweet, yeasty taste. Similar to sourdough, this cake needs to be proofed three times before it is baked. It is traditionally made with raisins and candied fruits, but there are also versions of it made with chocolate and cream fillings.

2. La Bûche de Nöel, France

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When you hear the word “Christmas cake”, this type of cake must be what first comes into mind. The bûche de Noël was popularized by French bakers in the 1900s. Also known as the yule log, this light spongecake has a very distinctive log-like shape, and is covered in chocolate or coffee buttercream that is textured to look like tree bark. To go further with the theme, log cakes are usually garnished with dusted confectioner’s sugar, edible leaves or meringue mushrooms.

3. Christmas Cake, England

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Source: The Spruce Eats

During the Christmas season, this cake can be found not only in England where it came from but also in many parts of the world. Even though this cake is sometimes referred to as a Christmas “pudding”, Christmas cake is a type of cake. More specifically, it is a type of fruitcake covered with thick layers of icing with candied or dried fruits, nuts, and spices, and usually contains warming spirits like brandy, wine, rum, or cognac.

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4. Bibingka, Philippines

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Source: Wikipedia

Filipinos are probably the South-East Asian country that loves celebrating Christmas the most. And they sure show their love through their Christmas cake! Bibingka is a type of rice cake made with coconut milk and wrapped in banana leaves. Due to its appetizing looks, it is also popular in other Asian countries where Christmas is celebrated.

5. Bolo Rei, Portugal

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This traditional Christmas cake from Portugal originated in France and arrived in Portugal in the mid-19th century. The Bolo Rei, which means King’s Cake, is shaped to fit its name perfectly: it is round with a hole in the center and adorned with candied fruits and nuts, just like a king’s embellished crown. More nuts, candied fruits, and dried fruits are filled inside the cake.

According to legend, there was once an argument about which of the wise men would give their gifts to baby Jesus. One baker added a piece of fava bean in the Bolo Rei, and the man who found the bean in his slice of cake was selected. Now, it becomes a tradition: the person who finds a fava bean in their slice must pay for the cake next Christmas.

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6. Pio Quinto, Nicaragua

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Source: Recetas Nicaragua

The Pio Quinto is a cross between a custard and a cake, with the addition of alcohol in it. Usually soaked in rum as the spirit of choice, this cake is layered with custard on top and dusted with cinnamon to get an extra touch of spice.

7. Drømmekage, Denmark

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Source: Madens Verden

Drømmekage is a soft and spongy cake with a special caramelized coconut topping. It literally means “sweet dream” in Danish, and it sure gives you one when you take a bite of it! In fact, Drømmekage is not only eaten during the Christmas season and is enjoyed all year round, but it sure is a special treat on the holidays.

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Different Types of Christmas Cakes from Around the World (2024)
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