6 Best Pickleball Shoes For Women (Players Choice) – 2023 (2024)

When it comes to finding the best pickleball shoes for women, they have special needs that must be taken into consideration. The right shoes can drastically improve a woman’s performance on the court, as well as reduce the risk of injury. We have rounded up the 6 best pickleball shoes for women to help you make the right choice for your own game.

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Here are the 6 best pickleball shoes for women:

Hey there pickleball-ers! Would you like to know which shoes can improve your pickleball game? Let’s explore this together.

6 Best Pickleball Shoes For Women (Players Choice) – 2023 (1)

K-Swiss Women's Court Express Pickleball Shoe


ZOOMCO Women’s Pickleball Shoes


ASICS Women’s Gel-RENMA Pickleball Shoes


6 Best Pickleball Shoes For Women (Players Choice) – 2023 (4)

Fila Women's Modern Fashion-Sneakers


Skechers Women’s Viper Court-Athletic Indoor Outdoor Pickleball Shoes


ASICS Women's Gel-Resolution 9 Tennis Shoes


1. K-Swiss Women’s Express Light Pickleball Shoe (Best Overall)

6 Best Pickleball Shoes For Women (Players Choice) – 2023 (7)


K-Swiss Women’s Express


Dear, pickleball players and enthusiasts! Ever laced up a pair of K-Swiss Women’s Express Light Pickleball Shoes? Hang on to your paddles because they’re something truly special!

Imagine pairing up with a pro as your doubles partner—strong, reliable, and ready for the long haul. It paints quite a picture, right? That’s what it feels like when you slip on these shoes.

The magic lies in the Aosta 7.0 rubber compound. Known for its high-density composition. It’s built to endure—making sure the soles don’t just survive but thrive, game after game!

Are you worried about toe-drag? We’ve all been there. But the mission impossible turns possible with the DURAWRAP tech. It’s like having a book cover for your shoes, adding that extra layer of protection so you can have a worry-free play.

Now, let’s talk about the 180 PSC (Plantar Support Chassis). This technical term simply means that it offers midfoot stability. Think of it like a bridge—firm and supportive, so your foot muscles and joints can breathe a sigh of relief. Smooth shoes? Here we come!

But it’s not a love story without a bit of drama, right? Some players might find the shoes a bit stiff because of that very chassis. It’s kind of like getting used to a new dance partner, it takes a little time.

So, when it comes to the K-Swiss Women’s Express Light Pickleball Shoes, it’s like riding a wave—some exhilarating highs, a few challenging lows. But isn’t that what makes a journey worth it? They aren’t just shoes; they’re trusty sidekicks, ready to stride, sprint, and score alongside you! So, shall we race towards the joy of pickleball, and make every game a grand slam of fun? Ready, set, serve! 🏃‍♀️👟🔬🎾


  • The AOSTA 7.0 rubber compound ensures excellent sole durability.
  • DURAWRAP technology provides superior toe-drag protection.
  • 180 PSC enhances mid-foot balance for increased movement.
  • The ORTHOLITE sock liner provides comfort and regulates perspiration.
  • DRAGGUARD technology increases resistance to wear and tear.


  • Some customers reported that the shoes ran slightly large.
  • A few customers experienced rubbing or blisters in certain areas after prolonged use.

Why Should You Pick K-Swiss Women’s Express Light Pickleball Shoes?

The K-Swiss Women’s Express Light pickleball women’s Shoe is a popular choice for players like Dylan Frazier for its performance on the court.

The shoe’s customized fit, notable comfort, and optimal balance align with the manufacturer’s focus on supporting on-court movement.

Critics Suggestions:

While testing for the best pickleball shoes for women we discovered, the shoe’s excellent durability, particularly due to the AOSTA 7.0 rubber compound and the strategically positioned DRAGGUARD technology.

We noticed that a few players had trouble with sizing or rubbing, but these problems don’t seem to happen often.

2. ZOOMCO Women’s Pickleball Shoes

6 Best Pickleball Shoes For Women (Players Choice) – 2023 (8)



It’s time to perk up because now I want to talk with you about the ZOOMCO Women’s Pickleball shoes. They’ve blended mesh with strategically positioned faux leather – like the PB&J of foot comfort. The best feel of these shoes is enhanced by the ventilation, which keeps sweaty-shoe situations at bay. You get lightweight agility and your feet stay cool in a heat wave. How awesome is that?

Now, let’s flip these beauties over and zoom in on those upgraded outsoles. Zoomco hasn’t skimped here, they’ve designed the shoes to offer excellent traction, as well as stability. Imagine your pickleball idol making his most impressive on-court moves.

The possibilities are endless with these babies! Brilliant, right? With the combination of dual-density EVA and anti-torsion TPU elements (Tough Pliable Unicorn? More like Thermoplastic Polyurethane), the stability is enhanced. That tech talk translates into shoes that are great for fast-paced sports like pickleball, tennis, or volleyball.

It’s time for the cherry on top – the anti-twist mechanism. I’ll bet you can’t guess what that does. It’s like a superhero cape for ankles, seriously reducing the chances of sprains. You can imagine it, right? No matter what you do, your ankles are protected, whether you’re sprinting, braking, or spinning. You’ll feel confident every step of the way (or jump, slide, pivot… I get it). It also minimizes the risk of accidents that can halt performance.

Overall, these shoes give you the best pickleball experience. The lightweight, well-ventilated design, uber traction and stability, and the super anti-twist mechanism will surely improve your run. You can feel the joy of running once you lace them up, friend!


  • Enhanced comfort from breathable mesh and faux leather.
  • Arch support reduces discomfort; shock-absorbent insole.
  • Improved grip and stability across surfaces.
  • Anti-twist design increases confidence and safety.
  • Versatile for multiple indoor and outdoor sports.


  • Limited color choices.
  • Initial squeaking (may fade over time).
  • Size availability varies.
  • A brief break-in period is needed.

Why Should You Pick ZOOMCO Women’s Pickleball Shoes?

The ZOOMCO Women’s Pickleball Shoe has excellent relief and performance. The arch support has garnered rewards for facilitating extended play, except for discomfort. The balance and non-slip aspects have acquired accolades for instilling a sense of self-belief in the course of matches.

Critics Suggestions:

Though some customers mentioned preliminary squeaking, opinions point out that this difficulty dissipates with use. Overall, these shoes symbolize a stylish, comfortable, and performance-driven desire for athletes who are searching for dependable and versatile court docket footwear.

3. ASICS Women’s Gel-RENMA Pickleball Shoes

6 Best Pickleball Shoes For Women (Players Choice) – 2023 (9)



Did you catch those ASICS Women’s Gel-RENMA Pickleball shoes? What a blend of performance and innovation, right? Perfectly designed for those of us bouncing around the court, seeking that extra bit of balance and flexibility when making those fancy multi-directional moves.

Guess what’s inside them! The TRUSSTIC technology! It’s like a personal support system for our feet, keeping the twisting well within safe and comfortable boundaries. It’s practically your own foot bodyguard!

Did you notice the wraparound outsole and its wider gauge design? Felt like they were designed for the fanciest footwork, helping us with smoother, more balanced moves. And, those strategic flex grooves! It’s like our feet had the stretch of a yoga master during a run!

Oh, and the synthetic leather overlays? It’s almost like they’re mimicking our tough hiking boots, so the shoes’ durability isn’t something we need to worry about at all.

Do you know what I loved the most though? The solution dye sock liner inside each shoe! It’s a simple green solution reducing water usage and cutting down on carbon emissions during production. I felt like I wasn’t just buying a shoe, but also doing my part for the environment!

So, I’m definitely giving these ASICS Women’s Gel-RENMA Pickleball shoes a try. They’re not just a pair of shoes, after all, they’re my partners in the fantastic journey of pickleball! How about you? Ready to join me? 🏃‍♀️👟


  • Stable support with TRUSSTIC technology
  • Enhanced stability and smoother movements from the wrap-around outsole
  • Improved flexibility due to strategically positioned flex grooves.
  • Durable construction with synthetic leather overlays.
  • Environmentally friendly design with solution dye sock liner


  • Some customers found the shoes to be slightly heavy.
  • Stiffness was reported after prolonged wear.

Why Should You Pick ASICS Women’s Gel-RENMA Pickleball Shoes?

According to consumer reviews, the ASICS Gel-RENMA Pickleball Shoes are a durable choice for court sports enthusiasts. Users attest to their excellent effect on stability and performance during multi-directional movements, particularly highlighting the efficacy of TRUSSTIC technology.

However, some customers note a slight heaviness and stiffness, especially after prolonged wear. On the positive side, the answer to dye sock liners resonates with environmentally conscious consumers. Overall, these shoes are currently a solid choice for those looking for improved court motion dynamics, albeit with some concerns regarding weight and comfort.

4. Fila Women’s Modern Fashion-Sneakers

6 Best Pickleball Shoes For Women (Players Choice) – 2023 (10)



Have you heard about Fila Women’s Modern Fashion sneakers? They’re the perfect combo of style and performance, and as a pickleball enthusiast myself, I couldn’t be more excited to try them out.

You know what’s really cool about these sneakers? They’re designed with a mesh and synthetic upper – the breathability makes them feel like a refreshing breeze around my feet. And the lace-up front, padded collar, and tongue? It’s like having them custom-fit just for me, ensuring ultimate support each time I put them on.

The interior’s pretty impressive as well. They’ve got a removable moulded EVA sock liner that feels like I’m stepping on a cushioned cloud. The EVA midsole just adds to the overall comfort, kind of like adding marshmallows to hot cocoa – it simply elevates the experience.

Here’s the science-in-action part that I love: the non-marking rubber outsole has a specialized pivot point in the forefoot, specifically tailored for the dynamic moves of pickleball gameplay. Picture myself dancing salsa but in my pickleball shoes!

I can’t wait to give these Fila Women’s Modern Fashion sneakers a run for their money. If you’re like me and love discovering the science in every stride, why not give them a shot too? They’re not just shoes; they’re a partner in our running journey! Let’s embrace the joy of pickleball together. 🏃‍♀️👟🔬

Main Features:

  • Mesh and synthetic upper for maximum breathability
  • Front lace-up closure for a snug fit
  • The padded collar and tongue provide added support and comfort.
  • Removable moulded EVA sock liner enhances cushioning.
  • The EVA midsole contributes to overall comfort.
  • Non-marking rubber outsole with forefoot pivot area for pickleball-specific needs


  • Stylish design suitable for both fashion and sports settings
  • Breathable construction for relief during gameplay
  • Secure fit and support are provided by the lace-up closure and padded features.
  • Enhanced cushioning with an EVA sock liner and midsole
  • Specialized pivot area in the outsole tailored for pickleball movements


  • Some customers find the cushioning to be insufficient for extended play.

Why Should You Pick Fila Women’s Modern Fashion-Sneakers?

From consumer feedback, it is clear that Fila Women’s Modern Fashion-Sneakers balance fashion and function. The padded collar and EVA sock liner make contributions to comfort, while the non-marking rubber outsole’s pivot region is designed to meet pickleball’s special demands.

If you are looking for an ultra-modern pair of sneakers that can additionally function appropriately on the pickleball court, these footwear provide a compelling choice, although manageable shoppers have to be aware of the cushioning for longer gameplay.

5. Skechers Women’s Viper Court-Athletic Indoor Outdoor Pickleball Shoes

6 Best Pickleball Shoes For Women (Players Choice) – 2023 (11)



Hey, pickleball mates! Have you heard about Skechers Women’s Viper Court-Athletic Indoor Outdoor Pickleball Shoes with Arch Fit Support Sneakers? For me, they feel like the perfect blend of top-notch performance and comfort.

As a devoted pickleball player, it’s the Goodyear rubber outsole of these shoes that I adore. I feel like I’ve been given superbly adhesive soles, providing a fantastic grip on both indoor and outdoor courts.

The standout feature for me is the Arch Fit insole. Imagine having foot support drawn from 20 years of data backed by podiatrists—it feels like cradling your feet on an ergonomic hammock.

I’m in love with their breathable athletic mesh upper—it feels like my personal, portable AC around my feet. And that adjustable lace-up front? It’s like they’re designed to cater to my feet individually, promising optimum comfort even during intense workouts.

So here I am, ready to up my game with these versatile, durable, and supportive sneakers. They are more than just shoes to me; they’re the secret to my joy of running! Ready to join me in this stride-filled adventure? 🏃‍♀️👟🔬🎾


  • Enhanced traction on indoor and outdoor courts
  • Excellent arch support
  • Breathable comfort
  • Relaxed fit
  • Durable construction


  • May be too narrow for some peopleThe outsole
  • may wear down after a few months of heavy use

Why Should You Pick Skechers Women’s Viper Court-Athletic Indoor Outdoor Pickleball Shoes?

It is evident that the Skechers Women’s Viper Court-Athletic Indoor Outdoor Pickleball Shoes provide commendable stability of remedy and functionality. The Arch Fit insole looks to be a standout feature, presenting much-needed arch aid at some stage in fast-paced games.

The Goodyear rubber outsole’s better traction contributes to assured court docket movement. While footwear typically gets a reward for its comfy fit and breathability, it is necessary to reflect on considerations for conceivable sizing changes based totally on personal preferences.

Users’ experiences point out that these sneakers are a stable desire for informal and serious pickleball gamers looking for dependable overall performance and comfort.

6. ASICS Women’s Gel-Resolution 9 Tennis Shoes

6 Best Pickleball Shoes For Women (Players Choice) – 2023 (12)



Ever heard about the rollercoaster of a journey with ASICS Women’s Gel-Resolution Shoes? Here is my scoop on it.

Talk about style meeting performance—it’s like they tailored these sneakers just for us pickleball and tennis buffs. Plus, the design makes me a head-turner on and off the field. Pretty sweet, right?

And then there’s the FLEXION FIT upper—freedom has a new name, believe me! It’s like having a stretchy passport for my feet, giving them all the space they could ever wish for. Plus, the lace-up structure; it’s like a comfy hug around my feet, thanks to the padded tongue and collar.

But hold up, it’s not all sleek strides and sunny days. The lace-up structure has its moments, constantly needing adjustments when I’d rather focus on my game. A bit of a snag, but we learn and move, right?

But let’s not forget, these shoes are here to make our journey easier. The PGuard toe protection jumps in like a superhero defending my toes from injuries during intense play. And, oh, how I love the DYNAWRAP tech. It’s like a loyal coach supporting my ankles every time I hit the court! Not to mention, the DYNAWALL, it’s like taking a masterclass in lateral stability.

So, all in all, my journey with the ASICS Women’s Gel-Resolution Shoes has been a mixed bag of sunny days and some not-so-sunny ones. But isn’t that true for most things? They aren’t just shoes, they’re adventure buddies, sometimes challenging, sometimes comforting, but always there, mile after mile. Are you ready to lace up and uncover the joy in every run? Let’s do this! 🏃‍♀️👟🔬🎾


  • Flexion FIT upper for enhanced flexibility
  • PGuard toe protector for durability
  • DYNAWRAP and DYNAWALL technologies for ankle support and lateral stability
  • Classic lace-up design with a padded collar for comfort


  • Some customers find the shoes to run narrow, requiring a size up.
  • Sizing may also vary, with half a size up being adequate for some users.
  • A few customers report problems with the toe box, indicating sizing concerns.

Why Should You Pick ASICS Women’s Gel-Resolution 9 Tennis Shoes?

It is evident from customer reviews that the Gel-Resolution 9 has received mixed feedback. While the shoes offer commendable features such as the FlexION Fit upper and the Dynawrap technology, issues about narrow sizing and possible fit discrepancies have emerged.

Several customers suggest ordering half a size up or even a full size up to accommodate these issues. This feedback is valuable in guiding potential customers toward making an informed decision, ensuring they are properly fitted, and maximizing on-court performance.

How do we choose the best pickleball shoes?

Choosing quality pickleball shoes includes thinking about countless necessary elements to ensure certain most reliable performance, comfort, and security on the court. Here’s information on how to choose the proper pickleball shoes:

6 Best Pickleball Shoes For Women (Players Choice) – 2023 (13)

Court Type and Surface: Pickleball courts can be indoor or outdoor, with various sorts of surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or wood. Choose shoes with gorgeous outsoles that supply traction and guide on the particular kind of court you will be taking part in on.

Grip and Traction: Good traction is indispensable to forestall slipping and furnish balance at some point of speedy lateral movements. Look for footwear with non-marking rubber outsoles designed to provide grip on pickleball courts.

Support and Stability: Pickleball entails fast route changes, so footwear with sufficient lateral aid and steadiness is imperative to forestall ankle injuries. Consider footwear with bolstered aspects and ankle support.

Cushioning: Cushioning in the midsole helps soak up effect and minimize stress on your feet and joints. The proper cushioning quantity relies upon your taking part in fashion and non-public preferences.

Fit and Sizing: Proper shape is vital for alleviation and performance. Ensure the footwear supplies a cushy match barring being too tight. Consider the width of the footwear as well, as some gamers may also want wider options.

Breathability: Pickleball can be physically demanding, so pick out shoes with breathable substances to keep your toes cool and comfortable throughout long matches.

Durability: Look for well-constructed footwear made from pleasant substances that can face up to the needs of pickleball’s speedy actions and stops.

Weight: Lightweight footwear can decorate agility and pace on the court. Strike a stability between weight and help to shape your enjoying style.

Toe Protection: Reinforced toe caps can stop accidents triggered by unintentional toe collisions or dragging your toes in the course of play.

Style and Aesthetics: While no longer at once associated with performance, the visible attraction of the footwear may count to some players. Choose a fashion that resonates with you.

Try Before Buying: Whenever possible, try the footwear on earlier than buying to gauge their remedy and fit. Walk around, simulate pickleball movements, and make sure they sense properly for you.

Player Reviews: Read critiques from different pickleball players to get insights into the shoes’ performance, comfort, and sturdiness in actual recreation situations.

Budget: Quality pickleball shoes come in a variety of prices. Set a price range and search for footwear that provides an excellent aggregate of elements inside your budget.

Brand Reputation: Established sports activities shoe manufacturers regularly have a tune report of producing pleasant footwear. Consider brands that are acknowledged for making properly athletic shoes.

Specialized Pickleball Shoes: Some brands provide shoes specially designed for pickleball, taking into account the special actions and needs of the sport. These footwear might also have facets tailor-made for pickleball players.

Pickleball shoes vs Tennis shoes

Pickleball shoes and tennis shoes are designed to tackle the special necessities of their respective sports. Pickleball footwear is tailor-made to the lateral moves and rapid direction adjustments attribute of pickleball.

Tennis shoes, on the other hand, are engineered to accommodate the ahead and backward actions inherent in tennis. The graph places emphasis on sturdiness and aid for the back-and-forth action throughout the baseline.

While each pickleball and tennis shoe provides remedy and grip, deciding on the proper pair depends on whether or not you prioritize the lateral agility of pickleball or the complete motion requirements of tennis.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Are indoor and outdoor pickleball shoes the same?

No, they can differ. Indoor shoes often have non-marking soles, while outdoor shoes are more rugged for different surfaces.

Why do people trust Style Craze?

StyleCraze garnershave confidencewith expert-backedbeautyandhealthcontent, transparency, andconsumerreviews,turning intoareliablesupplyof credibledataand recommendations.

What makes pickleball shoes different for women?

Pickleball footwear for ladies is designed with concerns for women’s foot shapes and sizes, supplying a more comfortable and tailor-made fit.

Can I use regular athletic shoes for pickleball?

While possible, specialized pickleball shoes provide facets like lateral help and court-specific traction, bettering overall performance and safety.

Are there specific brands known for women’s pickleball shoes?

Brands like ASICS, Adidas, New Balance, and K-Swiss provide women’s pickleball shoe preferences with points designed for the sport.

What’s the importance of cushioning in pickleball shoes?

Cushioning absorbs impact for the duration of quick movements, reducing stress on joints and providing comfort during matches.

6 Best Pickleball Shoes For Women (Players Choice) – 2023 (2024)
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